Changing the Background Color of Picasa Slideshows

I have my clients embed Picasa Slideshows into their blogs and webpages as an easy way to put photos on the web.  However, sometimes you can’t get just the right size photo, and you have black bars or black borders on your nice slideshow.  

What to do?

When you embed your code, you see what looks like a bunch of gobbledygook. Within this code look for the following:


That number is the hexidecimal code for the color black. To make it white, change “0×000000″ to “FFFFFF”. For other colors, visit

Double-check the code, it may need to be changed twice.

5 thoughts on “Changing the Background Color of Picasa Slideshows

  1. Sashman

    And: by removing RGB alltogether and setting wmode=”transparent” you can even have an image as a background.

  2. Tim McNabb Post author

    I learned that using wmode=”transparent” that the layer the Flash app sits on is no longer the topmost. I had drop-down menus being hidden “behind” the Flash movie.

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